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Trafo Steel, Inc. is a USA based company that specializes in the sale of Cold-Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO) steel and products.


This type of steel is unique and has a special grain surface, designed to produce certain magnetic properties and high permeability.


Having the vision and insight on a highly specialized steel, our company has evolved as a major exporter of prime and prime access CRGO steel from USA, Japan, and Europe to the Southeast Asian Markets.

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CRGO steel is used in manufacturing the magnetic core for power and distribution transformers.  Working with this unique and specialized steel, we are able to provide our customers full-width CRGO coils & slit coils for their transformer production needs.


The growing demands of our customers are met by continually offering various grades of grain oriented steel and its products.


CRGO steel materials come in two forms: Coils and Sheets. Trafo Steel supplies CRGO coils and slit coils ranging from 2”– 36” widths. A full width coil can weigh up to 6MT (metric tons) each. This unique steel is available in various thicknesses ranging from 0.18MM – 0.35MM, and more commonly has come to be referred to globally by grades ranging from M2-M6.



Trafo Steel can also design, assemble & produce a variety of CRGO toroidal cores  based on client’s specifications and needs. The production of toroidals are done in ISO9001 certified  facilities in multiple manufacturing facilities throughout India.


Our company’s focus is specifically on grain-oriented steel.


Please let us know how Trafo Steel can assist your company in meeting your CRGO steel requirements.

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